Your monthly support gives important stability to this group of world peace
professionals and also contributes towards national Yagyas for your country

Monthly Donation for Canadian donors

Monthly donations to support the training of Maharishi Vedic Pandits also contribute towards a national Yagya for Canada. Your donations not only help create world peace, they also bring profound benefits to our nation.

Income Tax Credits: By donating to Brahmanada Saraswati Foundation of Canada, a registered Canadian charity,​ you are eligible for a 26% tax credit from the Federal Government, plus additional tax credits from your Provincial Government. First-Time Donor's Super Tax Credit: If you haven’t made a donation to a charity since 2007, you may be eligible for a one-time additional tax credit of 25% for this calendar year’s donations.

I would like to support the training of this group of world peace professionals.

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Any donation is appreciated. Even $12 per month will support a student (10-14 years) to start their training as a Vedic Pandit in their village.

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Would you like to celebrate an important event in the life of a friend or family member, to honor someone special, or to appreciate the memory of a dear one? You can make a donation to Brahmananda Saraswati Foundation acknowledging the influence and inspiration of your honoree.

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